Kidney Donor


Kidney Donation

I am happy to be the first link in the chain of kidney donors of the Kidney Federation of India. It gives me joy to save another’s life. The feeling is indescribable!

How it works?

The recipient of a kidney finds a donor from his family to donate a kidney to another recipient whose family donates a kidney to yet another recipient and so on and so forth, till a chain of donors and recipients are formed. Donors are selected based on qualification of medical criteria.

Who can donate?

Any person who is 100% fit. A person free of disorders like diabetes cholesterol, heart disease, blood pressure etc. in short those who are not, in any way, vulnerable to renal disorders.

How does it affect normal life?

Studies have proven that less than 50% of a functioning kidney is sufficient for a normal human being to live a healthy life. Donating a kidney, in no way, affects normal life! You can return to your routine as soon as you recuperate from the surgery.

For more information on kidney donation, finding a donor or to become a donor, contact

Rev. Fr. Davis Chirammel
Kidney Federation of India
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Phone – 0487 2382065
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